Slovak Matchmaking Fair Bratislava 2018
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ADASTRA, s.r.o. ADASTRA, s.r.o.
Slovakia, Bratislava
Mr. Tomáš Timek, Business Development Manager
Adastra is an international consulting company that creates functional solutions in various sectors, facilitating the transition to the digital era. Since its inception in the year 2000, Adastra has focused on data processing, analysis and warehousin...
Advokátska kancelária VYSHNIAKOVA AND PARTNERS s. r. o. Advokátska kancelária VYSHNIAKOVA AND PARTNERS s. r. o.
Slovakia, Bratislava - mestská časť Ružinov
Ms. Olena Vyshniakova, Advocate
The Law firm Advokátska kancelária VYSHNIAKOVA AND PARTNERS s.r.o. (based in Bratislava, Slovakia) is one of the most dynamic law firms in Slovakia with its office in Kiev, Ukraine too. Founder of the Law firm Advokátska kancelária VYSHNIAKOVA AND PA...
AlfaCAD s.r.o. AlfaCAD s.r.o.
Slovakia, Bratislava
Mr. Branislav Markovič, director
AlfaCAD s.r.o. was created to quot; Help partners produce with profitquot;. This means - Helping to simplify and automate production processes, streamline production, increase work safety as well as increase the technological level of production faci...
ALTEUS Consulting s.r.o. ALTEUS Consulting s.r.o.
Slovakia, Bratislava
Mr. Branislav BETKO, CEO
Respected management consulting company providing complex services for clients from multiple business sectors. True passion and rich experience in moving companies forward to achieving significantly higher level of profitability and competitiveness. ..., s.r.o., s.r.o.
Slovakia, Nitra
Ms. Zuzana Páleníková, Marketing and business development manager
ASAP provides professional and high quality translations, interpreting, localization and other language services combined with all the world languages for favourable prices and in express delivery time. We are a technical translation ...
ASPENA,s.r.o. ASPENA,s.r.o.
Slovakia, Bratislava
Mr. Matúš Kováč, Business Development Manager
ASPENA is a company with many years of experience in translation and interpreting. Since 1995, we have completed more than 230,000 projects. We have extensive experience with more than 200 language combinations. We focus on using the correct terminol...
Auto Business Media, s.r.o. Auto Business Media, s.r.o.
Slovakia, Bratislava
Mr. Ján Keder, managing director
The company Auto Business Media, s.r.o. has more then 10 years´ history of publishing B2B magazines. The magazine FLEET firemné automobily (FLEET Company Cars) deals with topics of car fleet management. This magazine is targeted to managers and direc...
Ayming Slovensko s.r.o. Ayming Slovensko s.r.o.
Slovakia, Bratislava
Ms. Ingrid Fischerová, Senior Business Developer
Ayming Slovensko, s.r.o. poskytuje služby poradenstva v oblasti superodpočtu na výskum a vývoj, ktoré zahŕňajú kompletné spracovanie superodpočtu od identifikácie vhodných projektov, vyčíslenia nákladov na identifikované projekty, spracovania komplet...
BERHET s.r.o. BERHET s.r.o.
Slovakia, Bardejov
Mr. Jozef Havir, Sales | Marketing
BERHET is an independent microbrewery that produces and distributes craft beer with unique flavor tones, wrapped up in a creative packaging.
CassaCloud s.r.o. CassaCloud s.r.o.
Slovakia, Kosice
Mr. Valer Dunda, Managing Director
CassaCloud is a European-based provider of platform-related services. We support both partners and direct clients by providing flexible on-demand services and becoming a high-value extension of your team. We bring thousa...
10 results, 89 profiles in total