Slovak Matchmaking Fair Bratislava 2018
ADASTRA, s.r.o.

ADASTRA, s.r.o.

Slovakia, Bratislava
Mr. Tomáš Timek, Business Development Manager

About Us

Adastra is an international consulting company that creates functional solutions in various sectors, facilitating the transition to the digital era. Since its inception in the year 2000, Adastra has focused on data processing, analysis and warehousing. Data remains at the core of the company’s activities, which have gradually expanded to include the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and mobile app development. Adastra’s aim is to contribute to customers’ businesses through smart data solutions. Clients include global and local leaders in the automotive industries, financial, banking, insurance, telecommunications and sales, among many others including the public sector. Global projects are implemented from 12 offices by 1500 Adastra consultants. In the year 2017, turnover exceeded EUR 104 million.

Areas of Activity

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ADASTRA, s.r.o.





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13.11.2018 B2B negotiations
13.11.2018 Accompanying program
13.11.2018 Gala dinner (included in fee)

Cooperation Profiles

We are offering our expertise and cooperation in all areas of data management and practical AI solutions for automotive, production industry and finance. From project perspective we are looking to cooperate on: DATA ANALYSIS & ML: Big data processing, segmentation, anomaly detection, recommendation systems, trend prediction, market analysis, user behavior modeling and analysis, fraud detection, natural language processing PLANNING & SCHEDULING: Logistics planning, manufacturing scheduling, production planning, inspection scheduling, vehicle routing, inventory optimization, task allocation


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