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Hungarian Naional Trading House

Hungarian Naional Trading House

Hungary, Budapest
Mr. Tibor Gulyás, Head of division Protocol
Ms. Evelin Varga, Protocol and event organizer

About Us

Hungarian enterprises offer high-quality products and services in several industries offering excellent value for money that are competitive globally as well. The aim of the Hungarian National Trading House (MNKH) Cls. is to support enterprises that are capable of exporting in finding adequate business partners in the international markets. Furthermore, they provide state guarantee to their partners in order to facilitate smooth trade activities that are mutually beneficial for both parties. Recently, we expanded our commercial presence to almost 60 countries on four continents. Our strategic objective includes the opening of further trading houses in the Carpathian Basin and expansion within the framework of the policy entitled Opening to the South in the South American region as well. Our activities are based on two main pillars. On the one hand, assisted by our experts and extensive contacts we continuously search for Hungarian enterprises that could be competitive in external markets as well. On the other hand, with the help of our local trade houses established in the target countries, we assess the demand of the given market and explore the potential business opportunities interesting from the point of view of the Hungarian companies. In recent years our priority was to help small and middle sized domestic enterprises that established innovative technologies and achieved great results in the area of research and development to enter external markets and consequently to support the export of Hungarian know-how.

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Hungarian Naional Trading House





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13.11.2018 B2B negotiations
13.11.2018 Accompanying program
13.11.2018 Gala dinner (included in fee)

Cooperation Profiles

We search for potential business partners on the foreign markets for our Hungarian partners and offer a single point-of-contact service supporting the complete process of the export activity. We possess a unique database of Hungarian SMEs producing high-quality products and services which are compatible with the international markets, as well as help to create valuable business relationships between our Hungarian and foreign partners.