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Skylab Studios srl

Skylab Studios srl

Italy, Tarquinia
Mr. Marco Piastra, Sales & Marketing Director
Ms. Barbara Molinario, New Market Development Specialist

About Us

Skylab Studios S.r.l. , is a company that has been dealing with innovative services aimed at culture and tourism in public administrations for several years. Its core business is in the activity of creativity and design for communication in the public and private sectors, in services and in the consulting of communication, graphics and marketing. The goal of Skylab Studios is to offer the opportunity to give the territory and its resources greater visibility through an innovative technology with consequent new attractions for citizens and tourists and, also, an improvement and increase in the usability of services that will be used in an interactive, multilingual, personalized and accessible way, also for the deaf by means of the LIS (Sign Language) language. Skylab Studios is implementing another package for the accessibility of cultural heritage for people with sensory disability. A cultural proposal that is truly "accessible" to people with sensory disabilities must take into account the specific needs of users, moreover established as rights by the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. These services include: Braille number plates, detailed Audio-Guide for visually impaired people, Virtual Tour and Virtual Reality. The need to give added value to the riches of the territory is becoming more and more important, innovating and offering new communication systems to meet the needs of increasingly digital tourism, increasingly interactive: a 2.0 or 360 ° tourism. Skylab Studios in recent years has participated in several national and international events such as: • BTO Florence 2015 and 2016 - guests of the Lazio Region and participation with Dr. Bastianelli in the "Lazio4Innovators" panel • UNIRETE 2016 - Unindustria Roma, winners of the UNIRETE Award for the Start-Up for the promotion of the Olympic Candidacy Roma2024 • Lazio Region - winners of the Creativity Jam for Civita # J4C, a marathon of design for the promotion and enhancement of Civita di Bagnoregio, the Lazio village, nominated for its extraordinary beauty as a UNESCO heritage. • FITUR Madrid 2017 - International Tourism Fair in Madrid - Spain for the presentation of the "Ciutat Romana" Project on the island of Mallorca • ATM 2017 - Arabian Travel Market 2017 in Dubai, guests at the Roma Capitale stand inside the Italy Stand (ENIT) • LuBeC 2017 - Lucca Cultural Heritage, Presentation of Augmented Reality applied to the use of cultural heritage. • WTE UNESCO Sinea 2017 - Guests in Santa Maria della Scala in Siena for the presentation of innovative solutions and interactive signage designed for the Municipality of Siena • Paestum 2017 - Guests of the MiBact (Italian Culture and Tourism Ministry) Stand at the Mediterranean Tourism Exchange to present Augmented Reality for the enhancement of Cultural and Archaeological Heritage OUR MAIN WORKS INCLUDE: TOURIST SIGNAGE The interactive signage with qr code and NFC chip is a solution with which we have won several races at national and European level. Some examples: the City of Genoa, Siena, Venice, Tarquinia and Salsomaggiore Terme. The same system (the qr code and the nfc chip) can also be used within a museum itinerary. AUGMENTED REALITY This is the most innovative technology we have. With this we create “talking paintings” and many other things. With this system we have created both outdoor and indoor installations such as the museum of the Great War of Fogliano Redipuglia, the magical Hall of Frescoes, we are completing Villa Medici del Vascello in San Giovanni in Croce (CR) MUSEUM IN 3D EQUIPMENT In particular, two museums stand out: The Great War Museum of Fogliano Redipuglia and Enel's “Memoria Estesa” In both cases we recovered very old photographic material, in “Memoria Estesa” we started from 1890, restored the images digitally and transformed into 3d. The visitor putting on the goggles for the 3D vision, the same ones used at the cinema, could see the images in three-dimension. VARIOUS MULTIMEDIA EQUIPMENT To conclude, there are multimedia installations using video projections, touch screens, qr code, virtual reality and augmented reality. Here the things that can be done are many compared to the available space and to the creativity of the project by mixing the various types of innovative solutions. Some examples of these stagings are: Museum of Prehistory and Protohistory of Manciano, La Rocca Multimediale of Città della Pieve, Palazzo della Corgna in Città della Pieve.

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Cooperation Profiles

We deal mainly with the public sector (municipalities, cities, regions, etc.) because our core business is innovative tourist signage and multimedia installations for museums, to install in cities, museums, parks, etc. If we are successful in market penetration in Slovakia, we could need a local business partner to promote, distribute and cooperate (joint venture) with our projects. Our first and main interest is to secure B2B meetings with the key players in the Tourism and Cultural sectors of local government (Councillors, Mayors, National representatives, etc.) in order to verify the potential business for us in Slovakia.


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