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Duplitec Ltd.

Duplitec Ltd.

Hungary, Budapest
Mr. Attila Frikker, Business Unit Manager, Duplitec Kft.
Mr. Robert Bors, Enterprise Sales Manager, Duplitec Kft.
Mr. Laszlo Ady, Managing director, Next Technologies Kft.

About Us

An initiative with a view to future, with principal office and warehouse base in Budapest and cross-border plans. We are intent on creating a Central-European platform which would provide a basis for and support activities envisioning the building the future by means of drones. EVERYTHING THAT IS: • development, • application in the industrial or governmental sector • initiatives of associations, organisations or private individuals, • end users, resellers’ base, • mass communication. OUR MEANS: • colleagues and pilots with years of experience, • established service station with sophisticated expert knowledge and service engineers, • cooperation with unions and associations, • 25 years’ experience in the field of distribution , • well-established infrastructure, undiminished enthusiasm. SHORT-TERM OBJECTIVES, INITIAL STEPS: • Information: what are drones? • How can they be used safely? • What are the fundamental rules?

Areas of Activity

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Duplitec Ltd.





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13.11.2018 B2B negotiations
13.11.2018 Accompanying program

Cooperation Profiles

Agriculture: Maximize Yields with Aerial Imaging Aerial data enables farmers to optimize inputs, react quicker to threats, validate prescriptions, and rapidly scout plots. Energy: Conduct Safe and Efficient Inspections Drone business platforms visualize firms’ various remote energy assets in real-time for rapid maintenance scheduling while increasing work safety and efficiency for inspectors. Public Safety: Save Lives with Improved Situational Awareness Incident commanders better direct rescue operations with an aerial view, so teams can quickly and safely mitigate emergency situations. Media: Tell Stories from a New Perspective Portable drone platforms empower journalists, cinematographers, vloggers and more, to capture unique, engaging content from anywhere in the world. Infrastucture: Visualize Extensive Asset Networks Imagine projects in a variety of formats to ensure the development is going as planned, identify areas of concern to be addressed and prevent problems before they happen. Construction: Improve Project Management with Regular Data Keep track of site progress through consistent site mapping, enabling teams to manage better complex construction projects involving numerous sub-contractors.


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