Slovak Matchmaking Fair Bratislava 2018
IncQuery Labs Ltd.

IncQuery Labs Ltd.

Hungary, Budapest
Mr. Balázs Tarnóczi, PR-manager
Mr. Csaba Debreceni, Sales-manager

About Us

IncQuery Labs is a software engineering company. We create high-class development tools for mostly safety-critical areas. We have two main products, IncQuery for MagicDraw (a query framework system) and InstaCoverage for LabVIEW (a unit testing tool), that both serves model-driven engineering by catalizing and making more secure it's processes. Other than the constant improving of the existing products we do a lot of outsourced research and development so as open source projects, like Massif or Viatra. Such companies use our products, like NASA JPL, Bosch BSH, Saab, Airbus and the list goes on. If you are not familiar with some or most of the phrases above, we suggest you should learn more about us on our website, or straight from us.

Areas of Activity

  • engineering
IncQuery Labs Ltd.





Participating in
13.11.2018 B2B negotiations
13.11.2018 Accompanying program
13.11.2018 Gala dinner (included in fee)

Cooperation Profiles

We would like to expand the circle of our partners. We have around 30 developers with Phds. We can do amazing things that time already proved to be more that useful to huge companies. With the knowledge, we own there is nothing impossible for us at researches and software engineering, especially when it comes to making tools that can change the future in the right hands. If we'd have to describe it in the cleanest way: Use us! We are looking for companies, where product development is a living thing. Especially where a high amount of data needs to be processed.


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